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Here you can view a few of my personal projects, and some fun coding or game stuff I do in my free time. I’d love to chat about job opportunities, projects I’ve worked on, code sample requests, cat memes, or whatever is on your mind.



I have always been attracted by video games, ever since I was a child. Since I was born in the 1981, I can say I experienced probably the birth of the digital entertainment era as we know it.

At that time the games had almost a mystical aura and the people who were working there, nearly wizards.

For a long time I wondered how they could realize those wonders made of ... of what? Unfortunately then it was difficult for a 14-year-old boy to find technical information (not to mention the knowledge required) on how to create a game, so I would just buy a magazine occasionally (yes they weren't chep at all and in those years the Internet in Italy was the prerogative of big companies or "wealthy" individuals).

At age 15 my gave me my first PC (a Packard Bell Pentium 75 and 8 MB of RAM!). After a few months, a classmate of mine introduced me to the QBasic language, with which (finally!) I could create simple text-based games.

From there the step was short. C, C ++, DirectX ... but how much work !!!

At about 20 years I wrote my first "3D engine". It was very rudimental, it can work only with obj files and was only able to render meshes with only one texture. Given the amount of work, the end result was a bit daunting.

What I would have given for a software such as Unity or Unreal!!!

Fortunately today things are a bit different.

I hope you can appreciate my work.

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